Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

Ever wonder why America is in the shape that it is? I mean we see more diseases than ever before, the economy is messed up beyond belief, the crime rate is higher than it has ever been, our government is making very poor decisions that is actually doing more harm than good for the very people it is supposed to serve, jobs are disappearing at an alarming rate, people are losing their homes left and right and we are one step away from economic collapse and disaster.

Is it any wonder? I mean look at the decisions we have made… we are killing ourselves by the very decisions that are being made for this country. I believe one of the reasons we are seeing more disease in this country is because our country is too lax on checking the food sources that are coming into this country. After the fact too many times we find that harmful pesticides or other toxins or bacteria are in the foods that are being shipped here from other countries. How many recalls have there been on foods in recent years? When I was growing up, you never had a recall on food much less anything else because back in those times we still believed in quality and took pride in the products and services we made and offered. That was the American way. That certainly isn’t the case anymore.

My question is, why are we not growing 100% of our own foods right here in the United States? Why are we relying on some other country to provide the majority of our food sources in the first place? We get food from countries that would like nothing better than to see the US fall flat on its face. Don’t you think that is kind of like sleeping with the enemy? We have US farmers right here in the United States who have been put out of business because somebody in our government made the decisions to import our foods at cheaper costs yet they don’t want to provide the quality checks needed to make sure those food sources coming in are safe for us to eat. Sometimes I think it is a matter of being paid off to look the other way. You rub my palm and I’ll rub yours. Somebody profits from it, but certainly not the American people.

Not only that but did you know that farmers here in the United States are not even allowed to purchase bulk seeds that have not been chemically enhanced with harmful pesticides unless it is specifically deemed as organic? Have you seen the prices for organic foods lately? Who can afford that? In many cases it’s against our governing laws to purchase untreated seeds. I was reading an article about how restricted local farmers are in trying to grow foods that are safe and natural and the struggles they come up against. Even if agricultural farmers wanted to grow safe foods here to provide our nation with our own resources, our country is not permitting them to do so unless they buy what the government says they can buy. Isn’t that sad?

Do you know that the US is and has been genetically modifying and treating our foods since the early 90's? And on top of that they are not even required to tell us about it on the labels that our food has been genetically modified. Here’s a sample; 93% of soybeans in the US are genetically modified, 86% of corn, 93% of cottonseed oil which is what vegetable oil and animal feed is made from, and 93% of rapeseed which is canola oil. They were genetically modifying tomatoes however there was a large failure rate in the softening of them so they took them off the market because they weren’t profitable.

Ever notice that chicken today has way more yellow fatty substance gunk than it ever used to years ago? Well it is because they are giving the chickens special feed which plumps them up at a much faster rate so they can make a quick profit off of them in less time. Chickens take time to grow normally which are natural and much healthier for you. But anything grown the regular way and not chemical enhanced with pesticides and other harmful products that is considered purely natural is now called Organic and you pay a premium price nearly doubled or tripled for it as if it is specially grown. It isn’t specially grown, it is grown the way nature intended it to be grown. Our government is altering our food sources to grow them faster, preserve them longer, and enhanced them with pesticides to resist disease and pests, yet what is it doing to us in the long run? Do you think they have tested this long term to see what kinds of effects it is going to have later down the road?

When our farmers do grow crops here in the US, they are not getting enough of a good rate at the market to make a decent living at farming like our pioneering farmers once did. There is too much government interference busy taking out their portion of the whole pie to allow anyone else their fair share.

I would be willing to bet a million bucks that if somebody investigated, they would find a direct link to all these rampant medical issues we are seeing in today’s world and find they are a direct result of the consumption of these pesticides. How many years have we been slowly poisoning people? People are dying younger, people are getting many more diseases that were never even heard of years ago and organs are failing at a much younger age than they ever used to. Now we see teenagers falling over dead of heart failure, more cancers than ever before and other infectious diseases on the rise. It seems clear to me… we are slowing killing off each other by the choices our country is making.

While we are on the subject of poisoning the people, anyone who has ever seen a commercial for any type of drug on the market only has to go down the long list of side effects to know that these drugs are not safe to use. There is a push and a rush to get these drugs out on the market as quickly as possible so they bypass all the rigorous testing that is necessary to even begin to know what the long term effects are to people. FDA takes their share of the cut to pass it through quickly so people will start buying the product so the pharmaceutical companies, their conglomerates and the government can all get richer faster. It doesn’t matter if your nose falls off and your skin turns green, just as long as they make a quick profit on it.

It’s the same with the job situation...we are killing our own livelihood. As we ship more jobs overseas because it can be made with cheaper products and cheaper labor rates, we are drowning out our own countries resources and manufacturing trades. Why are we doing that? Because our government and politicians gives huge tax break incentives to large corporations to shift production overseas and not only that they allow corporations to offshore their profits in countries such as Cayman and Bermuda, etc…. What does that cost us? Everything. It’s killing the United States and we are seeing that more clearly now, but it still continues to happen.

First of all nearly everything in America is not American made. It’s made in China, and not only that- it is cheaply made, so it isn’t going to last, or as we have found time and time again, it is made with toxic materials that are harmful to our health. Remember the recall of children’s toys that were found to have harmful amounts of lead in them? Mercury lead, heavy metals that are having harmful effects and or poisoning our people. Again we are not carefully checking the products that come into our country that is a danger to the American people. And who cares if these products result in a few deaths? Apparently nobody cares because they keep right on doing it. Even products that are labeled as American made…. Where do you think they get the supplies from?? Ding!! Ding!! Ding!!! Yep you guessed it.... Other countries! It isn’t truly American made at all.

We wonder why there are bridges and roads collapsing and causing deaths and horrific disasters in this country. Well… could it be that we are getting sub-standard materials from other countries that are cheaply made? It’s already been reported that the steel we get from other countries is not the same steel that was made with the strength and endurance that we used to make right here in our own country. Again why?? Would it be the almighty dollar? It’s because cheaply made products means more money in profits in somebody else’s pocket and that means a higher and quicker failure rate.

When it does fail and we look to the company, chances are that big wig has already vacated the building and taken his billions of dollars and ran off to some remote island somewhere and left the mess for some other poor sap to deal with. There is no responsibility or concern for anyone except himself. It’s a dog eat dog world and every man for himself. That’s what greed will do to you.

We wonder why we are so hard pressed to find American made products made with the quality that we used to be so proud of. Well it might have something to do with American businesses selling out to other countries at an alarming rate. In fact did you know that most companies here in the United States are not even American owned anymore? Our American companies that we worked so hard to build are now owned by Japan, China, Italy, Germany, UK, France, Canada and a host of other countries. We have given all of our power away by selling out. If it ever came to it, our country could be completely wiped out and destroyed in a heartbeat if these other countries decided to pull out every company they now have control of and own.

American businessmen are laughing all the way to the bank because they already got their silver lining by selling out. And why again is this happening right under our noses? It’s quite simple…it’s because of the greed and the need of the wealthy businessman to line their own deep pocket. Greed is America’s downfall and it will have lasting effects that are going to be irreversible. You don’t believe me? Then do your own research and you’ll see. In fact you’ll find that American made is difficult to find here and the quality sure isn’t what it used to be. It’s all about how cheap can we make a product and still make a high profit on it. No wonder nothing lasts anymore the way it used it.

Let’s talk about crime rate for a minute. Gee I wonder why there is an increase in crime in the United States? Hmmm... Could it be that one of the first things our governing political figures we so proudly elected have cut in their budget is the funds for police and fire? Well duh!!! It stands to reason that if the jobs of the people that are there to serve and protect us in our cities are being cut left and right that there is going to be an increase in crime because there is not enough manpower to serve and protect so something is going to suffer. That’s a no brainer. You take a police division of 125 officers and cut it down to half and those policemen are not going to be out on the streets patrolling and protecting the people. They are going to be stretched as thin as possible pulling double shifts.

No wonder there is an increase in gang related activity because these gangs know they can get away with it because police are not able to take back the streets and protect the citizens. Oh and if criminals do get caught, chances are they will be out again on the streets within 24 hours because of the overcrowding in jails. Listen to any court docket and you will witness a mere slap on the wrist over and over again for serious crimes committed. Obviously it does pay to do crime because you sure as heck aren’t going to be serving the time.

Let’s see, Casey got off, OJ got off, Lohan keeps getting off and many other famous sports starts and celebrities never pay for their crimes. Those are only the high profile famous cases we hear about. It goes on continually on a daily basis. Money talks and criminals walk. Can’t fit them all in those deteriorating cells blocks because we can’t feed them either, that budget has been cut too.

Let’s face it our whole judicial system sucks. It is totally ass backwards. Criminals with lesser crimes serve more time than pedophiles get for abusing or killing a child. Rapists get out in a year verses somebody caught using drugs gets 15 years. Evidence is thrown out on technicalities’ while witness’s perjury themselves on the stand yet get nothing. You want to get off for your crime then plead insanity. If that’s the case, then you should automatically be locked up for life and strapped down to a bed in the nut house because obviously you are a danger to yourself and all of society. The list goes on and on.

Don’t even get me started on the whole correctional facility system because if it were up to me, there would be no recreational time, no TV time, no phone calls, no education, no mingling with other prisoners or any benefits at all for criminals. You would be placed in a cell 24/7 serving your full sentence. No time off for good behavior because good behavior did not land you in the slammer. If you are on death row, you go directly to meet your maker right from the court house when you were sentenced to death. There would be no 20 year span waiting while we feed and coddle your ass. You did the crime- you pay for it and you deserved the sentence you got. Period.

Why is it that anytime there are budget cuts they always cut the most important things that should be preserved? They go straight for police, fire and schools… What happened to no child left behind? I guess that flew out the window. I guess our government doesn’t think our children- the future generation, deserves the funds to keep their schools in operation. Education matters? That’s a joke because obviously it doesn’t or it would be a priority. Do you know how many school buildings are left abandoned or in shambles and disrepair because all the funds have been cut by our government and the state budget? There’s no choice but to close them down and shuffle all in the kids into oversize classrooms where they will not get the attention and learning they deserve.

Instead, our government likes to throw away our money on wasteful spending and to pay their own overblown saleries and retirement funds. Let’s not even talk about how many of our US dollars are going overseas to build schools there and feed the hungry in third world countries while we have people living on the streets here in the United States with no food to eat and no concern to even help them. We still have hurricane victims from New Orleans who have no homes and there are no plans to assist them to restore their home and life back to the way it was. No our government would rather send our US dollars to help foreign nations and spend our hard earned tax money they steal from us to fight wars.

Don’t even get me started on healthcare, the extortion of medical costs or the fuel crisis or many other political decisions that do not help the American people to survive. There is a local radio talk show personality that says “Wake Up America!!” and I think he has it right. The sad thing is that by the time anyone wants to do anything about this to turn it around, I afraid it will already be too late.

This national debt we find ourselves in… is a direct result of Congressional decisions. They are the ones who vote on virtually every single decision that is made in our country. I know they like to put the blame on the President’s plan, and they go back and forth blaming the Democrats or the Republicans or whoever the President is at the time in office but they the Congressional elected officials who sit in their ivory towers are the true core of who controls this countries decisions that are made for the American people. You want to blame somebody, then put it where it rightfully goes. ON CONGRESS!

We wouldn’t find ourselves in this mess had there not been years upon years of wasteful spending and letting other countries carry all our debt. You want to know who owns America? I'll tell ya and you might be surprised. Here is the breakdown: China holds $727.4 bn of our US securities, followed closely by Japan at $626bn, UK at 157.9bn, Brazil at $129.9bn, Russia at $116.4bn, Luxembourg at $97.4bn, Hong Kong at $97.4bn and Taiwan at $97.4bn so pretty much the Asian market rules and owns most of America. I’d say we are walking a pretty narrow tightrope and somebody is bound to fall and get hurt soon.

What will happen if we collapse? My guess is as good as yours. It’s a scary thought but we sure aren’t helping ourselves with the decisions being made today. It will have a lasting impact long after you and I are gone.

Better think again about them survival skills in my previous post, don’t ya think?

This has been a PolarBear rant and I think I am done now... Maybe. :)


BryM said...

I do have to disagree with you on one point -- "WE" [as in the citizens of the US] haven't made any decisions....that has been 100% politicians and political lobbyists. The average citizen has little to NO say whatsoever in the political process -- and that's because we've sat back and just let it happen instead of standing up for ourselves. Personally [and I know this sounds really harsh] I think the United States is on the brink of complete collapse...and we deserve it for letting things get this bad. Maybe if the country has to go back to the days when we had some kahoonas about us, we'll learn not to let this sort of thing happen again!

the yellow fringe said...


Wow, you may need to take a deep breath.
I own a farm, and sell manufacturing machinery, I would like to add a few points.

On farming, you are pretty much on target, too many points to clarify but I will touch a few.

There may be some seeds for some crops that are required to be treated by the government, I am not aware of it, but I would not at all be surprised if it is so. Seeds are treated to keep them from rot or mildew while being stored and transported, or discourage rats and insects. There have been terrible incidents, where people not aware have cooked these seeds for food, (seed sent to Africa and Asia) and suffered from it. Monsanto and some other large seed producers are the ones not the government, who are restricting farmers use of seed. Monsanto’s modified seeds are patented in a way that disallows the farmer from saving seed to replant as farmers have done for 10,000 years. Monsanto’s seed salesmen record who buy seed each year. When the beans are growing they walk into the fields of every farm in this nation, and take a few leaves and beans. These are bagged, noted, and tested. If they find their genetic markers in any field where they did not sell seed, a lawsuit is launched that has bankrupted the few who fought it. This is a problem because seeds move around, sticking to animals, and cross pollination. Any farm could have a rogue Monsanto bean.
As for farmers not making a good living. This is hard to say, farming is dependant upon the environment. Different regions are dependant upon different crops or animals. We can say this and be generally true. Where there is not drought, cereal grain farmers are making one hell of a lot of money. Grain prices are fantastic. It would take an idiot to not make money these last few years, plus, we get government subsidies. Yes, I get welfare for growing carbohydrates to make people fat as hell and the profits are huge. Now, there are lots of farmers not doing well, this is true. The Senate and Congress only support (that’s welfare, and boy do farmers hate those city folk on welfare) rice, corn, wheat, soybean, sugarcane, and just a few well connected almond groves in Arizona. What we do not support are vegetable and fruit farms, and these have some rough years sometimes. Weather can do them in, e-coli, and labor. More and more these products are imported, many farmers cannot get enough Mexicans now, this year is especially bad. Most of us do not want to pick tomatos or apples all day, but that really isn’t so bad, try blackberries or okra all day, to know what kind of labor to hate. Additionally, urban sprawl has taken millions of the best farm land in the nation, a significant and overlooked problem for food producers.
As you said the government does have some terrible laws about food, brought on by corporate lobbyist. You cannot advertise milk does not have certain hormones in it. A slaughterhouse cannot test more than 1 per 1,000 cattle for mad-cow disease. A slaughterhouse in Kansas wanted to test 100% so they could guarantee it to Japanese premium buyers, the lawsuit went on for 5 years, they finally dropped it, the beef industry and the USDA were co defendants, and very happy to win.

As to why some manufacturers are now foreign owned. This is simple. Capitalism and entrepreneurs has a serious flaw in it, it proceeds to maximize profits and advantages, regulation are the only thing that keeps it from damaging the larger economy and environment. Further, we need to understand, entrepreneurs and capitalist of the modern variety are citizens of the world, their loyalty is not to the USA but to their dollars and power, they have more in common with the rich in Singapore or Austria than with people who work for them or buy their product. They will out source anything, lay off anyone, sell US brands and factories to anyone, give a damn about the impact.

Good stuff you wrote. Rant on!

the yellow fringe said...

Sorry, an add on. I think the reason they don't want 100% testing on cattle is because they know the disease is out there, test enough and you find it.

Whit's Whittlings2 said...


Wow! That was quite a rant!

Haven't you heard? The business of America is business; and the goal of every business is to maximize profits.

PolarB said...

Bry you are 100% right in that "WE" don't have any control over what our politicians do in the guise of "for the people" they supposedly serve.

I know the United States is on the brink of collapse and you know I have to also agree that I think it would be good for our nation to go back to the way our forefathers dreamed this nation could be-- with hard work and honesty and proud of our quality and what we accomplish not the greed and deception that drives every decision in today's world..

PolarB said...

Hey Fringe I am so glad to know there is a honest to goodness farmer out there that is able to be successful and still grows crops that keep his family going. I know alot of the farming communities have been driven out and or just cannot survive at all and they go under. Plus I agree too many farm lands are bought up to create more and more communities- They cram as many houses in to make more profit. It all revolves around money and greed.

Yes I have read all about Monsanto and I would be willing to bet that there are governmental ties somewhere down the line because they have somebody backing them with all that power. My fear is they are going to completely win out and we are going to see all biotech crops in the future which I think is a huge concern for people's health and well being.

France outright banned seeds treated or dressed with Imidacloprid from the Neonincotinoid family of insecticides because it was discovered that they were killing off their bees which affected the pollination of their crops. I know we have heard alot of rumblings here too about the lack of bees or specifically our honeybee populations disappearing and it affecting the pollination of crops here in the US. One decision always has ripple effects just like throwing a stone in a pond. The ripples extend outward and ever reaching.

The insecticide chemicals are extremely harmful and just as you said it has caused harm in Africa and Asia, my guess is it is having harmful effects here too just maybe at a much slower rate. I guarentee it's linked to the new waves of disease we are seeing.

I understand the need to try to maximize profits and everybody wants to make a living, but messing with our food sources is just wrong and it's harmful. There was nothing wrong with the ways we used to grow them and yeah farmers cant always depend on the environmental cooperating with them but that is a given. Nature isn't always kind to us. But at least back in the good ole days we knew our food was safe and good and wholesome to eat, not laced with insecticides.

BTW I hope you all win and can continue to collect your own seeds and maybe Monsanto will go rot in their own biotech stew.

PolarB said...

Yes you are right Fringe... they dont want the people to know and panick about the beef. I am willing to bet they would find it if the tested 100% but then that means lost profits and now... we cant have that can we?

PolarB said...

Whit... yep it was a rant alright.. I do get a bit long winded.

You are absolutely right-- it's ALL about maximizing profits because that is the only thing that matters to them because they think money equals power.

Nancy said...

I know no one will agree with me but frankly, I think the downfall all started with the repeal of the blue laws...Sunday business..which meant ppl started working on Sundays instead of attending church...cuz they wanted more money to keep up with the Joneses...that's when 'GREED' took hold of this country and slowly but surely grew under the surface like melanoma until it had spread so far that it was on the surface where everyone suddenly took notice. And all the devil had to do was begin with a whisper "look at the pretty shiny bobbles that you could have..if only you would work on Sunday...."

Heidenheimer said...

subbeWow, I do agree so much..... Now what do we do? I think I need to do some of this ranting too..... I need to feel better, and it all comes down to choices.... and we've allowed some bad ones to be made... No one is standing up for you and me anymore....Blessings, Heide