Monday, July 11, 2011

Survivor... Nope- Not the Reality Show!

Yep Ole PolarB's been thinking again about deep subjects, so might as well put it out there huh?

What would you do if our world were to suddenly change and alter life as we know it today? Would you be able to survive? Have you ever thought about the possibility? What if the world changed so drastically that in an instant it caused a complete shutdown of the way we live our lives today? All the government becomes non-operational because it shuts down, all the banks all close, no businesses are open, no going to work to your job anymore. You may be thinking, I have money I can survive on, but what if all your assets have been frozen by the shutdown and are no longer available to you? No businesses are operating so you can't rely on credit cards to get gasoline or food or essentials, so what do you do?

Think about it.... there is no running water, and no electricity. What would you do? Do you think you could survive? Would you know how to survive in this kind of environment? This is not to mention the possible panic that would set in with people if this did actually occur. There could be potential riots and looting and violence, we've already seen evidence of this before in the news in situations that were not as drastic as I am talking about, so it's a sure bet this would be much prevalent. Would you know how to keep yourself, your family and your property safe? How would you accomplish that? Are you prepared to defend your life and valuables?

What if world disasters were added on top of it, like nuclear threats, flooding, fires, war and bombings? Where would you go? Are you prepared to take your family and get out of dodge to stay safe and survive? Do you know how to survive without the modern comforts we have so come to love and enjoy and take for granted? I would be willing to bet that a lot of people would have a complete meltdown and be in a complete panic crisis being reactive verses proactive and be able to focus and come up with a plan of action.

If you think this is pretty far-fetched thinking, don't be so sure. There are many people already thinking about this very thing right now and taking steps to ensure they will be ready in case anything like this ever does happen. I've asked numerous people recently and was surprised that many people I know were already preparing and stocking up supplies and creating a plan for themselves in case we do have a world disaster of this magnitude. Who do you think is most likely to survive if this does occur in our world? The people that are going to survive are the ones who are prepared!!!

You think this is crazy to even think about this? I don't. In fact several of my
friends have already brought up this very concern as a discussion because it is on their minds. A quick search on the web will show you how many people and companies are already thinking ahead and helping people be prepared for this very thing. There is a surge of companies gearing up devoted to dehydrated foods and teaching people to start stockpiling now in case of an emergency. Rice and beans in huge bulk quantities are already being sold and bought up by people in preparation. This action has already driven up the prices on these types of items in the grocery store. You don't believe me, go check out your local grocery store right now. Dried beans used to be about a dollar but the recent demand has driven the price up and you are likely to see the price doubled and tripled now. I've been watching the prices rise over time in the last year or so and that means I am not the only one with this on my mind.

There are survivalists training camps popping up all over the place to show people basic survival skills. There aren't people who are whacked in the head taking these classes and training. They are high ranking executives of companies, doctors, lawyers, military people and regular people like you and me who want to be able to have the skills to survive if the need should ever arise.

Think about the basics... can you start and build a fire without the use of matches or a lighter? Do you know how to purify your water or build a shelter? Do you have the tools needed to do those things? Do you know how to be totally self-sufficient without electricity or the luxuries we take for granted everyday? It would be nice if we could depend on being safe in our homes, but what if that isn't the case? What if looting and violence gets so bad that it isn't safe in your own home because riots start occurring and people are coming in and taking your things for their own survival? Where would you go? If you had to go somewhere in an emergency, would you be able to survive? Could you survive living off the land or in the woods? What would you need? What would you take with you to ensure your survival?

I am pretty confident that I would be able to survive out in the elements and nature. I feel pretty much at home in those surroundings anyway and I've always had a survival instinct since I was a kid and I am very comfortable in a wooded environment. But what about the people who aren't? Are you one of them?

I feel lucky in many ways because Lovie and I adore camping and I mean roughing it, so we have a lot of things already that are needed to make a base camp in the woods. We also have backpacks filled with all kinds of gear already for when we go hiking that has a lot of emergency stuff in it. As prepared as I am with those things,there are still things I would like to gather to make my life more comfortable in case it ever comes to having to be in full blown survival mode.

I am preparing because I know this world is changing rapidly, especially with the economy and debt crisis our country is facing today, however I really don't think times are going to get better for us, in fact I think it could get a whole lot worse. We have never experienced true hardship like other countries have because the United States is a very privileged nation; however that could all change in an

All the signs are pointing towards it and we are not going to be exempt forever. If you are paying attention to the world economy, the government's decisions, the housing crisis, the foreclosures, the loss of jobs, companies bailing out and going overseas, the unemployment running out and leaving people high and dry, the threat that society security won't even exist in a few years... all the signs are already there, you know it is coming. I just don't know when. But I would much rather be prepared than left out in the cold and not knowing what to do. How about you?

I asked one of my friends what she would do in this kind of situation and she said, I am not worried because there will always be money and that will help me and my family to survive. If your funds are frozen and not accessible what good is money going to do you? Social status and wealth may mean nothing in survival mode but knowledge... now that is the key to survival. I hate to tell her, but money isn't always the answer... it may have been in the past but the value of the American dollar is rapidly declining and it would surprise me if it became a worthless piece of paper. Maybe we can at least use it to build a fire!

Being smart and being as prepared as possible is a much better option, don't ya

Care to share your thought on the subject?


Whit's Whittlings2 said...


"Social status and wealth may mean nothing in survival mode but knowledge... now that is the key to survival."

Yes, and in such a situation, new leaders would emerge, and they would not necessarily be those individuals with high social status and wealth.

Sarge said...

Keep the powder dry...