Friday, July 15, 2011

My Guilty Pleasures!

So what's YOUR guilty pleasures? :)


Sweet Tea said...

That was FUN!

Here's some of mine -
My Footstool
Sonic Dt. Cherry Coke
a GREAT Margarita
Funny TV program
Country Music (love it!)

Nightbug said...

Video games are a guilty pleasure of mine as well! has a great selection of hidden object and adventure games. What's better is that you purchase, download and play right then and there. Love it!

Okay...and now I have to go and grab a bubble bath with some wine. That sounds like a perfect way to read my new book and unwind this glorious Friday evening!

Ta ta, PolarB!

1manview said...

You mean other then my wife.. lol.. Hello Polar B. Stopped by to say hi now that I have found some of you guys from the stream. I see it has been a while since you posted. Hmmm... I hope you and yours are fine. I have two poetry blogs so stop by at any one of them and say hello.. 1manview ...