Wednesday, May 11, 2011

God Called & He Left You A Message!

Hello Peeps!

Hope today finds you in good spirits and enjoying life. The rains have ceased for a couple days to give us a bit of sunshine. I am really hoping it lasts long enough for me to go out and start working in the gardens soon. Gardening gives me great pleasure to see how a tiny little seed can grow and thrive into something so beautiful when the blossom finally opens up to reveal it's beauty to the world. People are like that too. they just don't realize it. A small seed can thrive and grow on it own, struggling for water and good soil yet with loving care and nurturing, the flower inside that little seed will really come to life and bloom abundantly with a little help and love. So will people. It's natures way.

I was thinking this morning how God works in mysterious ways and sends a message to you when you least expect it. You can never tell what or who he will use to get your attention. Sometimes things like that just make me smile. God must sure have a good sense of humor and is probably smiling right back at the irony of that, especially when he sees the realization on my face when it happens.

We've been working on house improvements some, updating and doing repairs and such. We try to do that each year with the tax money we get back. We discovered a while back that our water heater had a leak and needed to be replaced. Cold baths are not very appealing in the wee hours of the morning, so we knew it was past time to get it replaced. We also had a bathroom faucet that we wanted installed that we bought a couple years ago but couldn't install ourselves. Most times we are able to do all our own home repairs but we found out early on when we bought the house, that Lovie and I are definitely not plumbers. I can install a floor, paint, do wall repairs, electrical work, build things, install ceilings and many other various home improvements , but not the plumbing! I totally suck at that! So we know from experience that anytime it involves water pipes or plumbing, we call a professional plumber.

Dwayne is a guy we know that is the nephew of our septic guy. When we had a problem last year and our basement flooded, Dwayne is the one who came out and found the problem. Our main sump pump needed replaced so Dwayne fixed it for us at a reasonable price. He is a plumber by trade in his day job but he works on the side and doesn't overcharge all the extra fees that other plumbers do. If a part cost him $6.00 he charges us $6.00, not $47 dollars like most other service people do who jack up the price seven times so they can pocket the extra money. Dwayne actually shows us the Home Depot receipt and if he quotes us a price he sticks to it, even if he has to end up replacing a bunch of other parts, he does it free of charge because he sticks by his word. We offer him extra money and he always refuses to take it. We know we can trust him and he will tell us straight up good advice and products that are good and what isn't good quality products.

So Dwayne and another kid came out to install the water heater and faucet. Our old water heater lasted 29 years which was great, the new one will last about 8 years because they just don't make em like they used to. Quality in any product has went downhill because they have cheapened the materials so much to make products with lesser quality/cost and yield the manufacture higher profits. The GE water heater had a huge dent in it in the top but the box it came in had no sign of damage, which means it was packaged that way from the beginning. It didn't damage the water heater, as it was more cosmetically, but still paying over $400 for a product, you expect it to be good. Anyway, we decided to go ahead and just get it done since it would not affect the operation of it. So they installed the water heater and the faucet.

We discovered a leak in the pipes under the sink, but since it was already going on 9:30 at night, Dwayne decided he would come back the next day and repair the leak at no cost to us. It was separate from the faucet because it was coming from the actual pipes around the bolts under the sink. Dwayne came last night and took care of it and refused to take any extra money even though he replaced the bolts and hoses out of his own pocket. So all was well and it only took him about 30 minutes to get it done, but he was there for about two hours.

Dwayne is a talker. I have never seen a boy who can talk so much or so fast and he gets pretty animated when he is telling a story. I call him a boy, but he is a man in his early 40's, married and has two grown kids getting ready to have kids of their own. Lovie asked him about his wife and family and he started telling us all about his dad and his kids and some pretty funny stories about the SWAT team being called on his dad with a 7 hour stand off. Too long to go into but the point is that Dwayne can talk the bark off a tree. For some reason the conversation turned to telling us about his mama and how on her deathbed she asked for someone from their church to come pray with her, however nobody ever came because they were all too busy. That had a negative effect on Dwayne and he started talking about church and God and the Bible.

Now I would never figured Dwayne to be a religious sort of man, but what I do know about him is that he is honest and dependable. Dwayne will tell you himself that he doesn't go to church and he is a sinner. But as sure as I know God, I know this man is destined to be a man of God and to preach the gospel. I am not talking about in a church, I am talking about to the people who live on the streets and the ones who need it the most. Just like Jesus did. I am sure Dwayne had no idea that when he started talking about church, and the Bible that he would be the messenger for God to get a message to me about something I had been pondering on for a while. But sure enough standing there at our front door for about an hour and half, Dwayne did just that.

I have to smile at the irony of that. God heard my prayers and questions and he sent our plumber to deliver the answer. I wasn't expecting the answers to come like that, yet it doesn't surprise me either. Yes indeed, God works in mysterious ways. I am sure that Dwayne probably left scratching his head wondering why the conversation took that direction too, but if I know him, he will realize it later and heed to his true calling and purpose. He's a fantastic plumber but that man is destined to become a true man of God, he just hasn't realized it yet.

Thanks God for the message. I got it loud and clear. :)

Until next time,
PolarB ;)


Slick said...

That's how He works. If you are really looking for a question to be answered, He'll send it to ya! And in some strange ways!

PolarB said...

Isn't that cool Slick? God really is amazing that way!

Bear Hugs!
PolarB ;)

Whit's Whittlings2 said...


After a couple of mishaps, I suddenly discovered that I am not a plumber, either. :^)

I like your seed analogy.

Mister Ornery said...

Sometimes I ask a question and God gives me an answer I didn't expect. Often it's because I was asking the wrong question.

overthemoon said...

Great posting. Thanks for putting it up on facebook. I can find u now. Not navigating well on the spot. Today was the first time I didn't have to log in with password. Frustrating! Hope the sun is shining there for your gardening time.

Skinny said...

You'd think in a church, people would find the time in a situation like that to go pray with his mom.
Seems a bit odd. Anyway, Dwayne is a good example that you don't need a church to be religious. He sounds like a real nice guy.

I really enjoyed reading this, you write so well.

Heidenheimer said...

Loved hearing about Dwayne and all your projects. Summer will be good for us all....

We are having very unusual cool weather for NE TExas.... Loving it, and doing alot of yard work....

Got a lot on my pea brain, and turned to what I know best and love most, my friends on the ol Stream.

Blessings, Heide

Whit's Whittlings2 said...

I discovered the hard way not too long ago that I am not a plumber. :^)

Sweet Tea said...

I loved meeting Dwayne through your words. Amazing. And it's wonderful that you see the spiritual potential within him that he's not even aware of yet. Gives me chills simply thinking of it!!