Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Okay I put it off for far too long and the last few days been working like a rabid Kinko copier copying all of my posts, poetry and fictional stories from three of my Blogstream blogs. Whew am I ever glad to get that done.

The other blogs I won't worry about when they disappear because it was just a recipe blog, an inspirational blog along with a music blog. Those I can create anywhere. The stuff I really wanted to save the most was some of my writings. It takes a long time though to go through years of writings!

I find I am writing alot more and that is always a good thing. I felt like I had a writing block for a long time, plus the fact that for a long time I no longer wanted to share anything on the stream because I didn't want my words used against me like they had in the past from a former friendship that was on the stream. I guess you could say it made me gun shy and really who wants to be hassled. No regressions though...and no regrets.

I hooked up with two authors recently and that is actually pretty awesome. We are communicating back and forth through emails and that is pretty cool. I am finding that these opportunities keep being presented to me to connect with other authors and maybe it is a good thing because it may just spur me on to move further than I ever have with my writings to the next steps.

I have been feeding my creativity with writing prompts which are really provoking some good stuff. Deeper insights into who PolarB is and soul releasing good stuff.
Who knows what will come of it but for now I am enjoying writing as fast as my little fingers will fly across the keyboard!

It's all good! Tally ho for now-- enjoy your day Peeps! I know I am!

Bear Hugs!
PolarB ;)


Whit's Whittlings2 said...


Looks like you finally have made contact with the Muse. Now we'll expect you to be more prolific. :^)

PolarB said...

Sounds like a good plan Whit!

ICE said...

glad to hear you are still (and doing more of it) writing. I've always enjoyed it.

PolarB said...

Ice I think I will be writing until I the day I die. Likewise I've always enjoyed your style of writing too my friend.

Hope you and Pup are staying safe in all these bad storms.

PolarB said...
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Skinny said...

Nowadays you can self publish pretty cheaply. Are you considering that sometime in the future?

PolarB said...

Skinny, no I didn't want to take that route but I will always keep my options open for the future.

Self publishing my poetry is a good possibility because there aren't as many publishers willing to publish poetry by unknown authors, until they are well established.

Rita B said...

Glad I've found you again, PolarB! I'm having a hard time learning how to follow everyone --- by accident I've managed to sign up a few and you're one of them. I want to figure out how to follow everyone who is following me!

Keep writing. I've had a block for awhile after joining Facebook because it doesn't really lend itself to creative writing. My thinking changed to short sentences... but now I'm trying to get back into it. Not many posts as of yet. WE'll get there! ~~~ Hugs, Rita B

PolarB said...

Good to have you on board Rita-- the only drawbacks to this blog is you dont get the notification if somebody comments or responds to a comment on your blog. Hard to follow sometimes but I am gald to have a creative outlet to write write write!