Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our World....

Have you ever wondered what this world would be like if there were no hunger, poverty, hatred, war, violence, crime, weapons, greed, drugs, abuse, or disease? Would that a world of Utopia? Maybe not, but I think our world would be a much better place to live. Some days I just long for a place like that verses the one we currently live in.

Can you imagine living in a world where love and peace abound? Where neighbors cared about and helped one another in times of need? Where you grew your own foods and livestock, sharing in the abundance and there was no end to the plentiful bounty? Where no child would not be loved and cared for, where no one hurt one another intentionally. Where elders would be honored and taken care of, where disease would not thrive and take those we love. Where you walked down the road and greeted others with a warm hello genuinely caring about how they are doing and what is going on their lives, celebrating the triumphs and joys of new births or good news shared?

Times used to be a lot better than what we are experiencing today and I am wondering where we went so wrong as a society and a nation? Today's world even compared to the 60's is vastly different. The 60's were vastly different than the 30's and so on and so on... So why do we seem to keep further and further apart from that connectedness to each other? How did we get so off track in separateness that it is now a dog eat dog world filled with selfishness and greed and violence?

What is the root cause of the changes that we see today? Is it that we have lost the values and morales of the earlier years? Is it because of technology and the drive to be the most advanced has driven people to these measures? Where did the need for speed occur? Everything has to be bigger and better and faster and more powerful. Why?

It's not bad enough that everything we own has to be the most advanced fastest technology, but people are even dissatisfied with their own bodies and want them to operate faster too. They drive their hearts and bodies to perform at a faster rate with these super shots of caffeine and energy drinks. Do you know what that is doing to your body? Does anyone know what the long term effects are to your muscles, your organs and your heart? People are going to blow out their organs with this stuff. It already makes your heart rate increase beater fast and faster giving you that adrenalin rush. That can't be good for your body or your system.

How have we gotten to this place? The bigger question is how much further are we going to go before this world just implodes on itself?
We are seeing the effects and still not changing this cycle. We are destroying our world slowly but surely. Wars are breaking out all over the world, nations rising up against their leaders. Thousands of innocent people are dying every single day. Children becoming killers in our schools and in their own homes, rising up against their parents slaughtering them. People killing and murdering their own children. Gangs of youth killing people just for the fun and sport of it. How did we get to this place of such desensitized violence? Do we blame it on video games? Do we blame the media and entertainment industry for making films that showcase violence so much that it has numbed us all to the realities that such acts bring?

People are starving to death every single day. Families not being able to provide for their needs, children going without food. Homeless people living on the streets in filth. With all the resources and abundance we have in this vast world, why are people starving to death and living on the streets? We have abandoned buildings sitting in despair rotting away while people sleep under bridges and in the cold. Why? I ask why is this continuing to worsen?

More than ever there are diseases killing people. Where is the technology and advancement for those things? We are killing and poisoning ourselves by the things we are doing to our foods to make them grow faster to last longer to be bigger, to mass produce them. Why can't people see that? Have you ever looked at ingredients in our foods? Why are we not eating natural foods grown the way they were intended to grow? We lace everything with insecticides and douse them in chemicals to make them last longer. We shouldn't be eating these things but our government tells us they are okay so we eat it anyway.... and then we wonder why there are so many new diseases cropping up killing people! Look at the connections. We are slowly killing ourselves by the ways we are doing things today. When are people going to wake up?

Addictions and drug use is at an all time high, literally. Murders, theft, rapes, abuse, violence, greed, scams, and so much more is rampant in today's world. We are battering our world and seeing the results of it every single day on the news. Is it any wonder we are witnessing so many world disasters? Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornados, volcanos erupting, nuclear threats, airplane crashes, buildings crumbling, bombs killing multitudes of people...and the list goes on and on. Where does it end?

I don't know that any one thing is to blame. We have evolved over time to arrive to this place because of all the things we have done or not done. Blaming doesn't solve anything. Pointing the finger doesn't create solutions. Are you willing to be part of the solution? When will things start turning around and when we will begin healing all the damages we have done to our own land, to our communities, and to each other? There are people who want to change this cycle and reverse it...but is it enough or is it too late?

Sometimes people get so involved in their own little safe bubble of a world around them... however that little bubble of yours is part of this great big world we live in. Is it helpful to dig in and bury your head in the sand and ignore it or do you want to change your world for the better? There was a quote I posted last week that said, "If you think you are too small to make a difference, then you've never been in bed with a mosquito."

Be the change you want to see in this world.

PolarB :)


Whit's Whittlings2 said...


I think these afflictions of humankind have been with us for eons. It is just that today the worldwide media has made us more aware of them.

There is such a place without all the evils of this world. It is called Paradise or Heaven.

BELLE said...

Love this post. I think people spend too much time on getting newer and better things and toys and less time on what is really important, like relationships and having a life instead of stuff.

PolarB said...

Whit I am waiting for that day when God says enough is enough.

PolarB said...

Yes Belle I agree. I usually wait quite a while to get something and it is only when I think it will improve our lives like for example we just got our first DVD player a couple years ago. I still refuse to get the cell phones because I think it is rather silly to be so attached to it like everyone is. I have an emergency one for traveling otherwise it is never even on or used.

Scratch said...


Some day God will get enough of our shenanigans and just pull the plug on this place.

Taoist Rose said...

I love that you ended your thoughts with "be the change you want to see". That's very good advice.

Personally, I think a lot of the lack of connection has to do with our distance from nature. As we create great cities and the tallest sky scrapers, it becomes possible for the next generations to forget what we are and where we come from. We are animals, created by nature.

You know, I've come across teenagers who didn't know that vegetables come from dirt? I grew up and live in Iowa, so agriculture is abound here, but this young New Yorker was grossed out to find that her beloved carrot was once packed neatly in the ground.

It could just be me, but things seem simpler when we follow nature's rules, and work with her rather than against her.

Great post, very thought provoking!

PolarB said...

Scratch some days I am so ready for God to do just that!

PolarB said...

Taoist Rose. I couldn't agree with you more. We need to get back to the roots of nature and reconnect with the Earth and honor her for all she gives to us.

Skinny said...

Love the last line of the post.

Last time I checked a few weeks ago you had no blog up. During the process of checking icons tonight I found you had something set up. Very nice.