Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hello Peeps!

Once again Spring is rolling around and I have to admit it is my favorite season of the year. Why you ask? Because I absolutely love everything coming to life and bursting through with new growth! The sun shines a little bit brighter and the temps are just perfect. The grass starts to really green up and the flower blossoms start to open and bloom! Fragrance fills the air and it pleases and delights my senses! I guess you could say that Spring really activates all my senses and gets them excited! There is nothing better than the scent of freshly mowed grass or the sweet nector or flowers and honeysuckle in the air. I love it! The smells of the outdoors make me feel alive and vibrant and really it makes me want to get outside and get moving! I really love the fact that everything is growing and Spring brings forth new life as there is a flutter of activity as the animals find their perfect mates and soon you see signs of new life being born everywhere.

Changes and growth are so essential to living. There is a constant ebb of motion to this whole wide world and the Earth is constantly rotating moving forward just as we are propelled forward in life by constant changes. Life sure would be boring without the possibility of change and growth don't you think? A lot of people resist change and dig their heels in to resist it, however life still moves forward even if you aren't on board. Whenever there is motion it causes a ripple effect that affects everyone and everything in it's path. Try throwing a stone into a pond and watch how the change to the water effects it and extends outward in a ripple effect. That is just like the changes we face in life. I am all for change and growth and pretty much have been all my life because my life was constantly changing. I've come to appreciate and value change because they are essential to moving forward and growing. Who wants to stay stuck in a rut and become stagnate? Certainly not me.

I've come to realize when people resist change it is because of one thing... can you guess what that is? Yes... it's that ugly four letter word. F-E-A-R

Fear will stop people in their tracks and it can paralyze you from moving forward and growing. It is the fear of the unknown because it is something new or unfamiliar to you. It's so easy to think the worst is going to happen when it comes to the unknown. We play that what if game in our minds, but all that does is make you crazy, so it's best to overcome the fear and do it anyway. I've seen people who would rather stay stuck in a bad situation because they had too much fear to move forward and make changes to their life. Once people overcome that fear, they often wonder why they resisted in the first place.

Not all changes turn out to be good, however guess what? You have the power to change it to something better! The choice is always yours. Whether it is a change to want to make to your personal life, your relationships, your job or move to a new home or anything you are looking to change, however small or large, you can do it, even if you are afraid of change, you can overcome those fears and move forward and you might just find you are much happier for it! Spring forward towards growth and you will find joy and blessings in the experience of change.

Bear Hugs!
PolarB ;)


BELLE said...

You are so right about fear of change.

Bella said...

hey girl! nice to see ya! I love spring renewal, it energizes me!

Scratch said...

I'd enjoy the spring too, if it would ever get here. damn Groundhog, if I ever see him in person I'm gonna kick his hairy little ass!

Bookworm said...

I'm up for some cooked...baked...fricassied ground hog...or maybe it's just spring I'm longing for. LOL