Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another Year...

Dang PolarB! You are going to have to clean out more than just cobwebs here! This place has been outright deserted! With Blogstream closing down, I guess this will be our new homebase. Tumblr just isnt as pretty as this place so let's unpack and get settled in.

I knew Blogstream was headed for the inevitable.. it was just a matter of time. This place wont be the same and I don't expect to have nearly the community that the ole stream had, yet what really mattered in my blogging and why I chose to start bloggin in the first place was so I could have a place to write whenever I felt like it. So this blog will be devoted to that pleasure. Pure and simple.

I love the connection that Facebook has where I can stay connected to all my blogging community friends yet FB does not give me a place to write. Sure there is the note feature but it isnt quite the same. Here I have the freedom and expression to write to my little hearts desire, and I shall.

So here today... we start a new chapter. Speaking of which.... this would be an awesome place for serious writing. Yes I am talking about my book. Let's get serious, I keep putting off writing the rest of it because maybe I am undecided about if it should be published and what impact that will have to my life. I want to help others by sharing my own journey but do I want to do all the things that are required to promote the book including traveling and speaking to groups of people? Speaking in front of large groups of people has never been my cup of tea... in fact it terrifies me. I hate it, which is why I try to not have to do it very often. Fear you say? Yes your damn tootin it is fear! Fear that goes wayyyy back. But I don't want to get into that right now.

Let's just say this is a new beginning to a new chapter. Now let's see what I do with it.

Bear Hugs,
PolarB ;)


PaulV said...

Hooray, Bear!

Glad you're here!


Sherry said...

I'm getting too old for all these moves. LOL

Nice to see you.

Scratch said...

Yo P Bear!

Thought you could hide from me did ya? yeah I catch your meaning this place will never be our beloved Stream. but what could possibly ever replace it? I mean really. the Stream was one of a kind, there will never be another site like it. so see you around Blogger I guess. Dragon hugs to ya kid!