Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cleaning up the cobwebs....

Wow! I forgot this blog even existed since it was create a couple years ago. I was thinking about starting over and creating a new blog when I found this one way in the back of the closet, unused just sitting there. Well.... we can't have that now can we?

I guess I will have to tidy up the place a bit won't I? Blow off the dust and clean out the cobwebs. I never was one for spiders so I will get right on this cleaning process so we can give this blog some new life. I have been wanting to combine all the blogs I used to write on into one site with alot of variety. This might be the venue to do just that. A little writing.... a little humor..... some music and videos.... some recipes.... a little of this and a little of that all rolled into one place to put it all.

What's that you say? Who me? Ah ..... well I've just arrived back from the beach all sun-kissed and a nice shade of brown. I can still smell the heavenly scent of cocoa butter and feel how good it feels on my skin. Vacations are so wonderful and it gives you time to dream and wonder what it would be like to just live like that for a while, waking up at dawn to watch the sun rising over the ocean. Taking a morning stroll on the beach with your coffee to look for shells. Going for a dip in the ocean when it gets too hot and slathering on the cocoa butta. I don't think I ever get tired of that smell. The ocean waves are hynotic and refreshing at the same time. For me they renew my spirit. Better than what any doctor can give you a shot for.

The ocean is so immense and life giving that it reminds me just how powerful and mighty God is. And to think it is only a very small part of what God created. That is amazing in itself.

Okay before I get on a long winded roll here, I think I will focus on setting up camp here and see how it plays out. Until next time.

Bear Hugs!
PolarB ;)