Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hiya--checking in.

Hiya Peeps!

What'z new? I admit that I am not doing a very good job here blogging. The issue is that I am working on my other blogs quite a bit and as of recently I discovered FaceBook which is pretty time consuming. Try working a 40 hour job and trying to keep up with 6 different blogs. It isn't easy let me tell ya. Usually several of them suffer as all my attention goes to my main blogs.

What I really should be doing instead of all this blogging is working on my books. I am a writer and that is really what I should be doing with my time, don't you think? How am I ever going to get my work out there if I don't finish it so I can send it off to get it published?

Well, I can't beat myself up for it. Sometimes life just takes over and your daily tasks become the norm. What I need are goals. Real concrete goals. Like setting aside so much time per day or week to begin writing and really devote my time to my craft. I have half the book written but I am thinking I want to take a different direction. I know what they say... just write and write and write and don't worry about editing or putting it in a format. Just write.

Sounds good to me. What do you think?

Okay Peeps...just checking in and saying hey to you. Take care and remember to love one another.

Bear Hugs!
PolarB ;)